About Us

Alpha Markets provides training and support to independent financial traders worldwide through various training programmes and membership services.  We believe that not only the theoretical teachings, but the practical application of strategies is what helps individuals learn and develop as independent traders.

Alpha Trading Floor was founded by Hemal Pandya, a full time independent financial trader with over eight years experience trading the financial markets.  Hemal began trading whilst studying for his Finance & Law degree, before teaching others how to trade with a leading FX education provider in Gibraltar.

Alpha Markets was then established to provide traders with a one stop solution to their training and support requirements. Hemal commented that "whilst many companies provide FX training they often fail to provide live, real time support. One of the best ways to support someone is in a real, live trading environment where students can see live trades as they develop."

Our trading strategies are simple, effective and repeatable - generating high probability, low risk trading opportunities with a particular focus on high risk to reward ratios.

Hemal has spent many thousands of hours studying currency movement, understanding the psychology of market participants and refining his execution.

Hemal commented that "it's imperative that one has a clear, definitive and logical  trading plan that fits around their personal lifestyle and risk appetite".

Our range of training courses and private coaching programmes provides individuals with  the tools and skills to enable them to develop and execute a personalised trading plan that meets their objectives.