Lot Size Calculator

You can use the calculator below in order to position size your account when trading using Lots. Please find instructions on how to use the calculator below as well as a short explanation video.

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1) Enter the currency that your account is held in.
2) Enter your account balance.
3) Stipulate your chosen risk percentage for the trade.
4) Enter your Stop Loss size in Pips.
5) Enter the currency pair you are looking to trade.
6) If applicable, enter the price for XYZ shown on your trading platform.

The Standard Lot Size for your trade will then be displayed at the bottom as well as the amount you are risking and the number of units.

*The Lot Size Calculator (LSC) has been designed to assist individuals who execute trades via a CFD platform using Standard Lots. Despite our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the LSC, we do not guarantee its performance. You agree to accept liability for the position size and are fully responsible for any profit or loss when using this tool.