For us as for many other Forex traders, London is the spiritual home of our market even if living there isn’t necessary. We’re focused on the capital, and so we offer our widest range of courses based here.

In particular, both our One Day Beginners’ Course and our 12 Week Forex Training & Mentorship Program – which runs each quarter – are available without leaving London, the one day course being available in the city twice a year, with another six dates annually divided among three other cities.

We only allow 12 trainees in our quarterly training and mentorship program each time it runs, to ensure that every trainee maximises their opportunity to learn, but this does mean that demand for places is high – and our award-winning one day course also sees a great deal of interest for all eight dates around the country, and particularly in London.

The one day course will give newcomers to Forex trading a good theoretical understanding of how the markets work along with enough guidance on putting that theory into practice.

We even provide some support after the fact in setting up your own trading software, a manual with the course data, and both a webinar and optional coaching call during which you can put into practice what you’ve learned.

Naturally, the 12 week program is substantially more intense. We mix the theoretical underpinnings of Forex marketing with live trading on our online trading floor, letting you see how it feels to put it into practice. Not only that, but the course is designed so that you can attend it even during full time work.

There’s no better way to develop your skills on the Forex market than this mix of theoretical teaching and the experience of actual trading that this course offers

In fact, many people who’ve been on the beginners’ course, begun profitable trading on their own behalf, and decided they want to hone their skills further have moved on to the 12 week course – and then signed up for the benefits of Alpha Trading Floor membership afterward.