Beginners Course on Forex Trading

Attend our award winning one day course on Forex trading and learn how you can profit by trading the worlds largest financial market for just a few hours a week.

  • Learn how trade the markets alongside your current work commitments.
  • Understand how to interpret the currency charts and technical indicators
  • Discover how to limit your risk to just 1% of your account.
  • Recieve lifetime access to the Pro Chart Setup Video Series.
  • Obtain your 100 page Forex Trading manual to help reinforce your learning.
  • CPD Certified Certificate on completion of the course.
  • Includes a Live Market Analysis Webinar.
  • Optional One to One Coaching Call with a professional trader.

Our Beginners Course on Forex Trading is a one day event held in London, designed to teach you all of the key concepts involved in Forex Trading. During this event you will understand how you can start your career as a Global Currency, Commodity or Stock Trader alongside your current work commitments or as a full-time income from anywhere in the world.

After the course you will be invited to attend our Live Market Analysis webinar as well as have the option to schedule a One to One Coaching session to discuss how you can best position yourself to begin trading the financial markets.

Our award winning Beginners Course on Forex Trading has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development. The course provides 5 CPD credits. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate recognising this achievement. For a list of the latest independent reviews, please click here

Pro Chart Setup

Download and configure your own trading account and charting software for free with lifetime access to our Pro Chart Setup video series. You will be shown how to install Alpha Trading Floor's proprietary template complete with indicators and settings. Then begin implementing your skills on a demo account in live market conditions.

Course Modules

  • 1

    Forex Industry

    In this unit we will be explaining the Forex Industry and how it operates including the main market participants and key market sessions. We will be sharing with you the major currency pairs that are traded and how they are measured in Pips. You will also learn how to profit in both a rising or falling market as well as how to interpret a currency chart.

  • 2

    Analysis Methods

    During this section we will be showing you the various Analysis Methods used by financial traders including fundamental and technical analysis. You will be taught the key concept of Support & Resistance and how it is used when identifying chart patterns in real market conditions. Finally we will introduce you to the four technical indicators used on Alpha Trading Floor and how to interpret them on a currency chart.

  • 3

    Trading Strategies

    In this unit we will be sharing the five elements involved in any trading strategy as well as the only two entry techniques available when trading the markets. You will also be introduced to Alpha Markets four main trading strategies and how they are used to identify high probability, repeatable trading opportunities.

  • 4

    Money Management

    In this module you will learn the various features used that enable traders to limit their risk per trade to just 1% of their account. We will also explain the techniques used by traders that enable them to remove all risk from a trade at the correct time, as well as the power of compounding growth.

  • 5

    Trading Platforms & Accounts

    During this section we will be explaining what a Forex Platform is as well as how to open up a live trading account. You will be shown a trading platform as well as the various features that can be used when trading in live market conditions. After the course you will have access to our Pro Chart Setup video series showing you how to download and configure your charting platform.

  • 6

    Trader Psychology

    This final module will introduce you to the concept of trader psychology and how it effects how individuals trade the financial markets. We will be explaining the psychological roller-coaster of trading using live examples as well as the six steps to trading success.

Course Fee:

£159 (incl VAT)

4.46 average based upon 977 reviews.

Upcoming Courses: 11th April 2015, 9th May 2015 & 6th June 2015

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