ATF Membership

Membership to Alpha Trading Floor allows users to trade alongside our Head Trader every morning in our live online trading room.  Our members receive alerts throughout the day, notifying them of any potential trade setups using our ATF Alert system, as well as daily analysis videos which can be accessed online every morning.  You will be able to watch how our trading strategies are implemented in live market conditions which will in turn help reinforce your learning by trading alongside our experienced Head Trader.

  • Live Trading Room access allowing you to trade the London Open session every morning.
  • Daily Trade Plan videos explaining the analysis behind potential trade setups.
  • ATF Alert System notifying you of any potential trading opportunities developing in real-time.
  • Online Resources to help guide you through your trading journey
  • Video Archive which can be accessed at any point to help reinforce your learning.
  • Support helpline and email answering any questions you may have.

Please note:  Membership to Alpha Trading Floor is available only to those that have completed our 12 Week Forex Training & Mentorship Programme.  No minimum term contract.  Please email us at for more information or if you would like to apply.